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  Notice: I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. Artworks here are uploaded as mp4s.
Steam does not allow mp4s so the quality of these artworks is better.
The artworks here may differ from the artworks on my client's Steam profile.


  • Subs:

    After a little bit of searching for a good designer focused on anime, I came across Trigger. Because it was a Dutchie, communication was even easier. Despite a busy period for the animator, communication was still up to date. I received a message several times when work was done on the design again and I was very satisfied with that. The end result is definitely what I had in mind and I am very happy with it! If you are looking for quality, both customer-oriented and in the product itself, I definitely recommend Trigger!

    2020-12-27 01:42:08

  • Shinobae:

    After lots of searching for an artwork designer. All of them were charging way too much and had mediocre skills. TriggerWinkle offers amazing personalized artworks for a very reasonable price. After purchasing my artwork, he stood beside me every step of they way, helping me find a good background for the artwork, giving me updates on my artworks progress and lots of suggestions and advice. This is a highly recommended designer.

    2020-12-15 00:41:36

  • Hotarru:

    +rep Amazing person / designer, really hard working, thanks for the cool job I really like it. Very fast delivery time and communication was also very good :))

    2020-08-08 23:42:37

  • Raiik:

    Hard working, nice and honest dude. Im very Happy with his Work.

    2020-02-15 00:24:04

  • huxerion:

    :ai_flare:I'm very satisfied and impressed with TriggerWinkle's work on my animated artwork showcase. :HentaiGirlLinda_like: I 100% recommend him to anyone who's looking for a talented animator. :hdmear: The process of contacting him quite easy and fast. The communication during the process was really good. He was very attentive of my requests and eventual modifications. :Checker: The first explaination of my idea could directly lead to an understanding of my visualization of the artwork I wanted so he could instantly start working on it! :HentaiGirlLinda_correct: He was dedicated, professional and understanding of my high expectations. He helped me realize the idea I had and proposed helpful suggestions to make it perfect. :HentaiGirlLinda_star: I greatly appreciate his attention to detail and his amazing skills at animating which can both be seen in the artwork showcase he made. :ultracrazymoney: Some people might complain about the prices but I even find it low for the awesome work he does. :cutefox: Thank you TriggerWinkle!

    2020-01-07 23:43:08

  • Sloth!:

    First time getting artwork done with anyone and I have to say it was very straightforward and punctual. Really cool guy, lets you know how everything is going to play out and any requests that you have for the artwork. Amazing quality of work, very professional, and the pricing is very well worth it. Couldn't be happier with the result!

    2020-01-05 01:47:30

  • Troint:

    Super nice guy, walks you through the process and shows you what he has created at certain points of creation so that you are getting something worth your money, would recommend to anyone looking for a skilful artist. Will be using Greazy for all future artworks; he earned my loyalty.

    2020-01-03 00:20:53

  • Marshall:

    After a bit of consideration I decided to contact TriggerWinkle to do my artwork, and I must say, he more than surpassed my expectations. Not only was he always available and quick to respond, he was also very understanding and quickly made it clear what was possible and what was not. In this regard, he did his absolute best to satisfy my needs while simultaneously battling the file size, to keep it under the required about, so steam would accept it. He was extremely adaptive and came up with many great suggestions which added to the overall artwork and made the result infinitely better. He also completed the artwork in a rather short amount of time and he worked rather diligently to achieve this. The only possible negative thing I could mention was the price, but even that was resonable. In conclusion, TriggerWinkle provided me with fast response time to my messages, good service, everything was done within a decent time frame, the overall artwork had good quality, he spent alot of effort making it, he offered his own input and suggestions to better the artwork and lastly, he was very realistic when it came to what was possible and what wasn't.

    2020-01-02 21:25:58

  • Azakiel:

    First of all, he has one of the lowest possible prices. He's doing everything as profesionally as possible, that includes keeping on informating you at what stage the artwork is. Beside that, even if the final product is perfect, he's willing to put some extra stuff if you want to, meaning you are not working with a lazy, uncreative guy, but a profesional who's trying his best to make you as satisfied as he can. Although it can't be said from the begginning, how long the whole procces will take, you are guaranteed that he will work as fast as he can. I can say without a doubt that he is one of the best artwork designers out there. Really recommend him, especially if you are not sure what to expect from the final product. Before this, he will explain clearly every aspect that you want to discuss. Quality stuff.

    2019-11-27 18:07:58

  • Crossfield:

    Incredibly professional, quick and talented. I had quite a unique ask and he did everything i asked for with flying colours. Amazing work will definitely use again and couldn't recommend more!

    2019-10-06 18:38:46

  • DevilFruit:

    At the beginning I was very skeptical that I should simply transfer my money to a stranger xD but first of all he was already from the beginning a sympathetic person and he took his time with me and did not put me under pressure that is already the first Aspect about him and when I had ideas he looked at it and then adjusted and improved what he would do better then. At the beginning everything was going great then I got nervous with the money my stomach had already hurt but it turned out that he is a super authentic and trustworthy person and so delivery when I got my artwork could have been done a week ago though he only did his school he was able to and he also told me that he would prefer to do it for 2 weeks, because he wants to make an effort with the artwork and does not scribble anything and in hindsight he mentioned improvements, where he turns me around Permission has asked if I can do this or he should leave it as we had agreed and I loved the end result so he is not just a designer to do business with, he is also a good friend. Conclusion: I will do it again with him until I have no more money.

    2019-10-01 23:02:33

  • KryptoStorm:

    I found myself in the need of a new artwork. I searched trough many guides and lists and finally got someone with the required skills. He really is a master at animating. He helped me with finding the right picture of my character and we talked about all parts that could be animated. Didnt take long and the first work was done. As time went on I thought about adding something special in the background. He integrated it perfectly. Can only give him a HUGE +REP. <3

    2019-09-10 19:06:58

  • Rob:

    Very talented Artist with unique style. Great communication. Highly recommended.

    2019-09-08 02:03:58

  • TheNamesLivid:

    To start Trigger replied within a few minutes to my submission to his page. After a few minutes of back and forth conversations and ideas on what I had wanted done to the artwork Trigger got to work. I was updated several times during the proccess and was very happy with the amount of time taken on the animation. Overall I was beyond satisfied with the quality of the animation done for me and I have since reccomend Trigger to a few of my friends who have commented about how amazing the work is. If I ever need another piece done I will not hesitate to give Trigger a message because the work done is fantastic.

    2019-08-06 01:50:25

  • Money-san:

    Awesome quality artwork, awesome animator, everthing is perfect. He knows what he's doing and he can do an awesome result even if your instructions aren't clear. Absolutely worth the price. Thanks a lot for the artwork, it's beyond my expectations.

    2019-07-23 12:32:31

  • Deleville:

    This guy is the best designer i've met ! He listens to you and doesn't hesitate to redo his work again and again until it satisfies you !! I'm really glad I met him ! He is patient and listens to what you want to have, and if needed can give you some tips from his own ideas to improve even more your profile! Don't hesitte if you need an artwork or even a screenshot showcase, he is really talented in his work.

    2019-07-23 01:55:15

  • Burnie:

    First when I was looking for an artwork I was hesitant on buying one. I first got in contact with other artwork makers, but none really gave a real good price, and didnt put in any effort. They just got the money, did some quick animation and put on some fancy lights, which I wasnt very satisfied with. I then looked for another artwork maker, and contacted Trigger. He gave really good prices, which seemed too good to be true. I decided to try him out and see what he could make. From the start I saw that he liked to send me feedback on the progress and what he was doing to the artwork, and asked how I wanted it to be before and during the artwork process. I was very satisfied with his work! He puts down the time and effort to make beautiful artworks. Really good quality artworks for a good price! Would recommend!

    2018-11-04 22:20:22

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