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Having at least 5 years of programming and knowledge of languages like C#, Javascript, Sourcepawn, SQL and C++, my Game Development portfolio is not only filled with a lot of creativity and inventive ideas, but here my talents for programming, music producing and animating are combined to create original game ideas. The music in my games is self-composed.

I have worked with programs such as Unity, Visual Studio Pro, Visual Studio Code and many more. I have participated in several Global Game Jams, participated in several competitions and I have been at a few conferences with my games.

After studying Game Development on Sint Lucas for 4 years and graduating, I am now studying Game Development on Breda University of Applied Sciences.



A chicken virus spreads rapidly across the country and some of your chickens are infected and you need to take care of the sick chickens. You need to wash them, feed them and take good care of them to maintain a stable farm. Can you manage all those chickens?

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