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A chicken virus spreads rapidly across the country and some of your chickens are infected and you need to take care of the sick chickens. You need to wash them, feed them and take good care of them to maintain a stable farm. Can you manage all those chickens?


CoopScoop is a VR arcade-style game that revolves around managing a chicken farm. A chicken epidemic has broken out and you need to make sure all your chickens stay healthy and happy. Keeping your chickens gussied up is important because there is a chance they get infected if you do not wash them. If they’re infected, inject them with a syringe. If they’re hungry, feed them. But if they are sick, get rid of them as soon as possible, before they infect the rest of your flock! Keep your chickens alive for as long as you can, because that’s how we do it chicken-farmer-style!



KAYMIN SAMBRANO: Voice Over for the farmer.

TYGO VAN DER STERREN: Sound Design. All the sound effects in the game.

PIEN KUIPERS: Sound Design. All the sound effects in the game.

RUBEN VAN DE WESTELAKEN: Sound Design. All the sound effects in the game.


TIJN MEULEMEESTERS: Playing the banjo.


JAN VAN LAMOEN: Improving the concept, game mechanics, general game design rules.


WILLEM VAN DEN AKKER: Several models like a trampoline, sandwich, bucket, cart and eggs.

LUKE VAN AARLEN: Providing a VR test area. Frikadelbread model, Bell model and Energy Drink model.


EMIEL VAN DEN BRINK: Help with optimalisation and logic.

DAVID JONAS: Helping with optimalisation and providing extra time for development.

RICK VAN SOEST: Providing a VR test area.

LUC PEERSMAN: Giving us this wonderful chance and giving us the time to work on CoopScoop in his lessons.